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​​​How often have you refrained from”cranking up” your kamado style grill for a small cook due to the hassle (and cost) of filling the firebox with expensive charcoal… just for a minimal amount of product. Let’s face it…quality lump charcoal is not cheap! And, how often have you wanted the ability to produce a much more intense searing environment …….which, there again, would require a substantial amount of charcoal. Following from the above concerns, the idea for our flagship product, the T/S Elevated Charcoal Basket, was “hatched”. Problem solved! Bottom line is…with this product, you will save  time and money on charcoal. Consider it as an investment. In fact, with the high cost of quality lump charcoal, this product will actually help pay for itself! How often can you say that about a product?

​When I purchased my kamado style grill seventeen years ago, I based my decision on quality, simplicity, efficiency and performance. In developing the TurboStream system, I did my best to match those attributes. Working with a local fabricator for the past year and a half, we wanted to produce a product that was both simple in design, extremely durable and MADE IN AMERICA…as well as developing optional companion components that would interact & complement the original design. We truly believe you’ll find that the T/S Airflow Diffuser Plates …and the T/S Firebox Divider Plate will be a welcomed addition to your “grilling arsenal” as well! ( Please view our Products page for additional information).

I have supplied fellow grillers with our products and incorporated their suggestions and input which ultimately led to the development of the products we currently offer. I have also cooked in the BGE Eggtoberfest using my TurboStream products and received solid, useful input and overall enthusiastic interest.

We are currently developing additional components that will definitely get your attention as well. Stay tuned!

We truly believe you’ll find our products will prove to be a valued enhancement to your grilling experience ….. providing the avid grilling enthusiast with additional tools needed to “let your Q flag fly”.

Low & slow…or on the go…TurboStream  has you covered!


Charles Roberts